Pineapple Rice Pudding

Everyone has an aunt or grandmother who makes the world’s greatest rice pudding. It’s a simple dessert with simple ingredients; milk, sugar, rice, cinnamon, and vanilla, with or without raisins, the debate rages on. It’s always served at Thanksgiving in my family. There’s something about the warmth of the cinnamon that makes it perfect for

Daycare Supply Jell-O and Pudding

Gelatin or jello is a common household food that Americans love. In fact it is the most favorite dessert of America. Jell-O is a brand that has become popular and it has become a generic household name for gelatin dessert. Jell-O is sold pre-made in powder form or ready to eat. It is normally refrigerated

Bohemian Pudding With Special Custard Recipe

This pudding was made in a border mould and after turning it onto a round porcelain dish from Royal Doulton we very carefully cut away a little section from the top of each pancake to reveal the mixed fruits inside. Ingredients:- 12 very thin, small pancakes 1 oz. butter approximately ½ pint sweetened apple puree

What To Do When You Don’t Like Chia Pudding

What should you do when you don’t like chia pudding? As versatile as it is, not everyone’s going to like the texture of chia pudding. This popular snack/dessert/breakfast item is made when chia seeds are hydrated with various flavored liquids and put in the fridge. Because of the seed’s super high soluble fiber content, they’re

The History of Bread Pudding – Part 1

Welcome back to the Italian Desserts. This post is the beginning of another diversion of sorts. Over the new few postings, we will be discussing bread pudding history and some recipes along the way. I am digressing again because my research into the world of Italian desserts has taken me WAY back in time, took