Simac Ice Cream Makers Review

Simac is once again an Italian manufacturer of ice creams but has only one model in its line up. It is actually a very good one, and is our ice cream maker of choice because of the convenience that it gives. Simac also makes their machines in stainless steel, although their canister on the inside

Blake’s Lotaburger – Franchise Review

The first ever Blake’s Lotaburger was opened in Albuquerque more than fifty years ago by Blake Chanslor a Texas native who relocated to Albuquerque after the 2nd World War. Commonly referred to by various names, such as; Lotaburger, or Blake’s, the first Blake’s Lotaburger was up and running in 1952. It has many locations existing

‘Kitchen’ by Banana Yoshimoto – Review

One of the many appeals of Banana Yoshimoto’s novella Kitchen is that it deals with feelings everyone can relate to. Everyone has been hungry, and images of hunger, food and meals are plentiful in the novella. Other common feelings also come up, especially sadness and loneliness. Early in the book, the reader discovers the protagonist,

Restaurant Review: Nirula’s Yummy Kebabs for Your Tummy

For some months now Nirula’s has been experimenting with special items on the menu. While it could be sacrilegious for someone like Nirula’s to tinker around with its regular menu, Delhi’s homegrown food chain has been offering Specials in the form of food fests for some time now. Close on the heels of its Thali

Top Christian Wealth Building Book Review Of Wealth: Is It Worth It?

By: S. Truett Cathy (2011) Published by Looking Glass Books, Inc., 730 Sycamore St. Decatur, Georgia 30030. ISBN 978-1-929619-40-5 Book Price: $20.00 Founder of a successful billion dollar food chain Truett Cathy is the founder of a successful billion dollar food chain. No overnight success story, Cathy worked with his wife, Jeannette, for twenty-one years

A Review of Leith’s Indian and Sri Lankan Cookery

Sri Lanka is a tropical paradise with a civil war that has been happening in the northern part of the island for over twelve years. This fact didn’t stop the Sri Lankan culture especially the recipes from continuously blooming and improving, making Sri Lanka meals one of the most sought after meals. Sri Lankan food

Review of Bindi Restaurant in Lincoln

There is something very special about authentically cooked Indian cuisine. Beautifully balanced flavours and spices come together to create mouthwatering delights, and nowhere is this more evident than at the hugely popular Bindi restaurant in Sheffield. This bright, vibrant restaurant has a great vibe so it’s no surprise that it is quickly becoming ‘the’ place

Krups Food Processors Review

Today’s modern woman, as well as man, has almost no time to waste in food preparation, what with always being on the go. Everybody wants everything ready as soon as possible, that is why a lot of people would rather have instant gratification by dining out rather than spending what could be hours chopping, slicing,

Are You Sure That’s Vegan? Review

Are You Sure That’s Vegan? is a vegan cookbook produced by Claire Gosse. I have had an early copy for awhile and have been testing out some of it’s recipes. I want to let everyone know I am not Vegan and am very picky. If these desserts taste like cardboard you will hear about it!

Foojoy Tea Company – A Review of Many of Foojoy’s Teas

I must start by confessing that there is actually no company named Foojoy Tea Company; Foojoy is a brand name owned by the Eastrise Trading Corporation. The Foojoy brand sells exclusively Chinese teas, and sells both tea bags and loose-leaf teas. Foojoy never ceases to amaze me, mainly on two key points: price and quality,

Celebrity Solstice Cruise Ship Review – Celebrity Cruises Review

Celebrity Cruises Solstice is a 122,000 ton, 2850 passenger cruise ship that entered service in November 2008. She was the first in a series of 5 Solstice-class cruise ships, including the Solstice, Equinox, Eclipse, Silhouette, and Reflection. From the moment I stepped onto the Solstice, I knew this one was different. The Solstice had calming,

Do You Like Crabs? San Francisco Restaurant Review

This weekend was a long weekend. It was Memorial Day weekend. We wanted to have something notable, because it was 3-day-weekend. As any other weekends, we went to 24 hour fitness for exercise in the morning. We took a 2 classes of exercise in our fitness club, Boot Camp and Dance for 2 hours, sweat

The Corner of Pax, West Virginia – Restaurant Review

Pax, West Virginia, is the home of The Corner, formerly known as Kelly’s Korner, a family-owned eatery that serves up some scrumptious country cooking. You won’t find anything fancy on the menu or for a daily special. What you will find is hot dogs, hamburgers, open-faced turkey and roast beef sandwiches, and club sandwiches prepared

Review – All You Can Eat: How Hungry Is America?

All You Can Eat: How Hungry is America?, Joel Berg, 2008, ISBN 9781583228548 This book looks at the current state of hunger in America. Written by an anti-hunger activist, and former government official, it is not a pretty picture. If food insecurity (the new euphemism for “hunger”) is such a huge problem, then why are

Samsung RSH1DTMH Fridge Freezer – Review

Me and my family were in the market for a new fridge because our old one wasn’t doing a good job at keeping things cool and fresh anymore. We used to have a separate fridge and freezer that were both over a decade old. This day and age, one American style fridge freezer is all

EzGro Garden Product Review

If you’re new to gardening and are looking for an easy way to grow organic food, I have the perfect solution for you. In this article I will give you a real-life EzGro Garden review. This was the first hydroponic system my family ever used. We were complete novices when we purchased the EzGro garden.

Frugal Mom’s Guide to Once a Month Cooking Review

Do you have the right ingredients for cooking the family meal tonight? Or have you just walked into the kitchen wondering what you are going to cook and feeling like it is just another chore to tackle? This is how so many people feel because their lives are so full and busy. The last meal

PRODUCT REVIEW: Wink Frozen Dessert

Don’t buy Wink Frozen Dessert without reading this review. This vegan, no fat, no sugar diet food gets two enthusiastic thumbs and eight fingers way way down. Unfortunately Wink Frozen Dessert is classified as food. Last night I had a pint of their Dark Chocolate. When I looked at the ingredients list, the two only

A Review Of The DXN USA Network Marketing Opportunity

DXN USA might well be the best MLM company you never heard of. DXN offers foods, beverages, supplements and personal care products. If you have heard of DXN and are looking into it as a home based business opportunity, there is information here that may be of help to you. It was founded in Malaysia

A Review Of The Starlight International Income Opportunity

It almost seems like everyone is now taking vitamins to supplement their nutritional intake. In a world of fast food and busy schedules people are not getting enough vitamins in their diet. Starlight International offers a line of products designed to help people meet their nutritional needs. Founded by Steven M. Goldberg, a successful Hollywood

BodHD Review – Is BodHD Legitimate?

Reading this BodHD review will give you a little insight into this new network marketing opportunity. This Southern California based company is yet another new start up to enter the health and wellness arena. The management team, is made up of Sean Loomer, Tylene Roderigues. and Ray and Daran Grimm. The Grimms both have some

Maakoa – An Unbiased Review of One of the Newest MLM Companies

Is the world ready for another health and wellness network marketing company that relies on another Amazon superfruit? The folks at Maakoa ( are making a bet that it is. Maakoa, based out of Orem, Utah, officially launched on July 4th, 2009. The translation of the name of the company means “fearless” in English, and

A Review of the Newlife Malaysia Multi Level Marketing Company

Newlife Malaysia was was originally started by Dr. Lynn Tan and Mr. C.K. Tan. Dr. Lynn Tan got motivated to start this company because she was very good at sports when she was younger and very health conscious. She even participated in many State Wide Sports Tournaments in Malaysia. But at the young age of

Lifemax Opportunity Business Review

Lifemax is a company that makes and distributes a health product called Mila. Mila is said to be the worlds healthiest whole raw food and presents many health benefits to users of the product. It contains the highest concentration of Omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and fiber than any other food source. These categories in

Kohls Review

Kohls is your virtual mega retail mall that brings to you a wide variety of lifestyle products from some of the leading brands of the world. At Kohls, you can “expect great things” as their shopping directory features a mammoth selection of products ranging from kitchen & dining, bed and bath, luggage and backpacks, electronics,

The Omnivore’s Dilemma – A Review

Pollan’s body of work about food is an honest attempt to hack through the jungle of marketing terms, like organic and natural, used to confuse today’s grocery shopper. It is doubtful that you will find his books in any grocery store, because it does not fit into the business of food. Rather it explains the

Mexico’s Mezcal Receives Exhaustive Treatment in Holy Smoke: A Book Review

In less than a decade, mezcal, Mexico’s iconic spirit with a history dating back at least over 400 years, has emerged from the doldrums, finally garnering a reputation as a quality sipping spirit. Until now its history, nuances, regulation and innumerable incarnations has been essentially ignored in English language popular non-fiction literature, in favor of

Christmas Mysteries Review, Gingerbread Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke, Laura Levine and Leslie Meier

Enhance your holiday celebrations with this new trilogy of short Christmas stories. Best selling author, Joanne Fluke, headlines this entertaining, feel-good tribute to seasonal literature. Fifteen mouth-watering recipes complement the story lines; sure to add pleasure to any holiday feast or forthcoming Super Bowl party. Gingerbread Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke It’s a month before

The Breville Gourmet Wok Review

Is the Breville Gourmet Wok something you really need in your kitchen? Or is it just another hyped kitchen appliance you’ll end up storing somewhere in your garage and forget about it? You can read in this article about my experience with this popular electric wok and find out whether it’s worth buying it or

Review of Bindi Restaurant in Lincoln

There is something very special about authentically cooked Indian cuisine. Beautifully balanced flavours and spices come together to create mouthwatering delights, and nowhere is this more evident than at the hugely popular Bindi restaurant in Sheffield. This bright, vibrant restaurant has a great vibe so it’s no surprise that it is quickly becoming ‘the’ place

Chester’s Franchise Opportunity Review

If you are interested in a food industry business, this Chester’s franchise review will be very helpful for you to get detailed info about this alternative. Chester’s brand is very well-known in the market. It has more than fifty years experience in this business. Background: Earlier Chester’s is founded in 1952 and engaged in the

An Unbiased Review Of Yevo International – Is Yevo A Good Company?

Yevo International Review – Is Yevo The Real Deal Or Just More Prelaunch MLM Hype? So there’s another company that’s getting some buzz inside of the Network Marketing Industry, and the company is called Yevo International. Because the company isn’t officially launched yet there isn’t a ton of “official” information online. In fact, the company’s

In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan – A Book Review

Title and Author: In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan Synopsis of Content: In Defense of Food Michael Pollan has given us the most important book on nutrition in this decade. He strikes back at the deluge of diet books and nutritionalism that has confused Americans now for two generations. He uses science to attack

[REVIEW] Yao’s Diner, Centereach, NY

If it was authentic Chinese Food you’re after, Yao’s Diner fits the bill. If it’s a romantic setting, or Americanized Chinese food, then definitely keep on rolling. It’s clearly not a place you would go on a first date. Though there was a couple there that appeared to be on a first date. I don’t

Book Review of "Extreme Couponing"

I have been a fan of the television show “Extreme Couponing’” but frustrated that they don’t show you how to make it happen. I bought the book written by Joni Meyer-Crothers with Beth Adelman in hope that the secrets would be revealed. I pretty much already knew the information but have never achieved the same

Mitch’s Tavern Review – Raleigh, NC

Whenever I move to a new area or visit for an extended length of time, one of the first things I am sure to do is scour the nearby shops and eateries for my own little nook or cranny to fill. I spend a lot of my time reading, writing, or just relaxing while I

Women Food and God Review – A Christian View

Women Food and God by Geneen Roth has shone a spotlight on compulsive and binge eating. The author’s premise is that “how we eat is how we live.” She says that our eating behavior expresses our emotions, life approach, and even how we view God. The latter connection is what drew me to the book.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Review – Pros and Cons

This Blue Buffalo Dog Food Review is inspired by the fact that the said product has now managed to become one of the bestselling pet provisions in the industry. It boasts a recipe that is completely free of artificial preservatives and additives. It uses rosemary to preserve the product. Another quality of the product is