Setting Up a Natural Amazon Themed Aquarium

Most of the freshwater aquarium fish we find in our pet stores originate from the tropical river of the Amazon in South America. The Amazon has more variety of fish and plant life of all the rivers in the world put together. The amazing variety and beauty of Amazonian fish and plants is what drew

Using Household Objects in a Miniature Setting

Your dollhouse hobby is a great opportunity for recycling. There is no real “standard” inventory when it comes to dollhouse miniatures. Expect to gather your own inventory of miniature supplies as you complete doll house projects. Keep your eyes open, always thinking ‘one inch scale..’ If it seems the right scale, set it aside to

6 Things to Include in Your Personal Goal Setting

Over the past few days I have been slowly going over my goals for 2014, just to see if I am on track with what I have planned for this year. I think it is really important to have our goals written out, either in a notebook or diary, and for you visual learners you