Chicken Coop Roosts – What is the Best Size?

If you think about this, virtually no component of a new hen house is unimportant, and that goes for the chicken coop roosts as well. That’s where ones chickens rest, and designing a chicken coop roost that fits the requirements of a person’s birds is important. Those that may be a new comer to raising

Chicken Coop: What Size Chicken Coop Do I Need?

There are 5 key items to consider when determining what size chicken coop you need. Space: How much space do you have? Do you live in an area where you have many acres available or do you live in an area where you juts have a backyard. Backyard chicken coops are becoming increasingly popular. Here

Ice Size Matters When It Comes To Tasty Cocktails

When it comes to ice size really does matter. Size, density and ice clarity are the intangible part of any good cocktail recipe. The shape and size can impart the proper dilution and chill that make a cocktail better tasting than one made using the same recipe but inferior ice. Large cubes especially ice spheres