Bohemian Pudding With Special Custard Recipe

This pudding was made in a border mould and after turning it onto a round porcelain dish from Royal Doulton we very carefully cut away a little section from the top of each pancake to reveal the mixed fruits inside. Ingredients:- 12 very thin, small pancakes 1 oz. butter approximately ½ pint sweetened apple puree

Foodie’s Special – Top 5 Indian Parathas With Recipe

Indian culture has a rich culinary diversity and Indian food is known for exotic spices and delicate herbs. Due to its distinctive features, the country has given birth to a large number of cuisines. In India, parathas are served at the time of breakfast. These Indian parathas are a category of Indian breads and stuffed

What Makes Oster Blenders So Special

Globally, kitchens in diverse households proudly display Oster blenders as a symbol of convenience, quality and excellence. The brand that launched almost one hundred years ago in 1924 has grown to be popular among shoppers all around the world. Of the various kitchen appliances the company manufactures, the most popular are its range of countertop

Star Wars Special: PR Lessons From The Jedi Masters

Since its inception 1977, the Star Wars narratives have amassed a great deal of following. Adopting a transmedia strategy, it has provided its fandom with a truly immersive experience which gave birth to a unique subculture of its own. While many look to the film franchise for childhood reminiscence and heart-racing plot build-ups, some of

What Makes Caribbean Food Special?

The sea, sun and sand make the Caribbean a popular tourist destination. But aside from the beautiful weather, the amazing landscape and the total Caribbean experience, Caribbean food is unique and appetizing. There is just something about that great spicy Caribbean flavor! Caribbean food is not like food from any other part of the world.

Mother’s Day – Simply Special

Once a year a day is set aside for Mom. But Mom could be Grandma, Auntie, Step Mom, Sister, or anyone who was there in your growing years and made an impact on who you are today. Stores and shops are filled with ideas for gifts, food, cards, and “items” to celebrate this very special

Special Plates

Notice how each particle moves. Notice how everyone has just arrived here From a journey. Notice how each wants a different food. Notice how the stars vanish as the sun comes up, And how all streams stream toward the ocean. Look at the chefs preparing special plates For everyone, according to what they need. Look