What’s the Story Behind Red Cat Wine?

Red Cat Wine is produced by Hazlitt Vineyards. The wine was originally known as HHJ Wine, also known as Red Catawba. It was named after the native grapes from which it was made, and eventually received the appreciated nickname or Red Cat. The wine’s history entails an intriguing story of seduction and youthful indiscretion. The

A Wine Aficionado’s Guide to the Story of Boeger Winery

Knowing the history and culture behind the making of a bottle of wine can often make that glass of wine even tastier. If you’re planning to serve wine when entertaining, share this incredible story while pouring your guests a glass of Barbera wine from Boeger Winery. By the early 1970s all most all traces of

Zuppa Inglese (English Soup) – The Story of an Italian Trifle

Zuppa Inglese, loosely translated as English Soup, is an extremely popular Italian dessert found primarily in the Northern-Central regions of the peninsula – Tuscanny, Emilia-Romagna, the Marche and Umbria. Rich in ingredients, it’s similar to the traditional English trifle, but is nearly always home-made! Sitting in a rustic restaurant in the hills outside the seaside

A Story Of Japanese Aizu Jidori

The word “jidori” in Japanese means locally produced free-range chicken in each area of Japan. It is an old-fashioned name and sounds like that the local chicken is really traditional strain kept in restricted area for long times, therefor, Japanese restaurant owners and farmers want to call it jidori to obtain much more profit. However,

The Folk Story of Bra Kakroch (Cockroach) and Bra Fohl (Fowl)

Once upon a time there lived two good friends, Bra Kakroch (Cockroach) and Bra Fol(fowl). They were living happily together in one isolated village called Dunkoma deep in the hinterland of Sierra Leone and sharing and doing things in common. Then both of them bought a piece of land on which they proceeded almost immediately

Ndunderi – Story of an Italian Dumpling

If you have and Italian American background, chances are that your ancestors came from South Italy. If you remember hearing your grandparents or great grandparents talk you know that they did not “speak” Italian, they “sang” it. Italian phrases that I remember from childhood are not distinguishable as individual words. They were a flow of

Lobster – A Rags to Riches Story

When the first ships arrived at Plymouth, most shellfish was not considered fit for human consumption, due in no small part to its resemblance to an insect as it crawled along the ocean bottom. Most early passengers during the 1600s were from England and other U.K. countries and accustomed to eating beef, mutton and fowl.