Easy Elderberry and Strawberry Jam

I had what I call, this great idea today while eating my peanut butter and elderberry jam sandwich. I’m not much for food preparation. I like to cook and I like to entertain but I’ll tell you what, processing fruits for canning is a royal pain. It took forever to strain those chokecherries. Granted the

3 Easy Strawberry Ice Cream Recipes

If you are in the mood to make ice cream with your ice cream maker, these three easy strawberry ice cream recipes can make a nice summer treat. Each are different, so you have options depending on the ingredients you have at home. Recipe #1 – NON-DAIRY STRAWBERRY 2 teaspoons kosher gelatin 1/4 cup apple-strawberry

3 Super Yummy Kid-Friendly Strawberry Desserts To Try At Home

Whether you’re a child or an adult, one simply cannot resist a sweet treat. Kids naturally have a sweet tooth, but too much sugar and empty calories aren’t ideal. So if you’re preparing them a snack or dessert, make sure you serve a something on the healthier side. Strawberries are a great choice to incorporate

Strawberry Fools

The season for English strawberries is short and sweet. The jewel in the crown of summer fruits needs to be treated with respect and devotion. Probably one of the earliest packaged foods, sold in the 16th century in cone-shaped baskets, regarded in medieval times as an aphrodisiac and by the Romans as a cure for