How to Tell Different Sushi Apart

There are several different kinds of food that fall under the all-encompassing category of what we as Americans refer to as ‘sushi’. The most commonly known variety, that of makizushi is a long roll consisting of rice, nori and fillings that has been cut into 6-8 pieces. Nigiri usually consists of just a piece of

Jiro Ono: A Sushi Legend

Sushi is one of the most famous Japanese dishes and it also gains great popularization in the International community. When it comes to Sushi, we have to mention Jiro Ono who is considered as the greatest sushi craftsman by his contemporaries and peers. The sushi he makes is also regarded as the most delicious one

Sushi – More Than Just Raw Fish

Japanese cuisine has worldwide popularity and nothing is more synonymous with Japanese food than sushi. The term sushi is associated with raw fish dishes that we see as healthy culinary art forms that taste great! The forms and traditional types vary greatly. Raw seafood is the foundation for dishes that are consumed and stand on

How to Tell a Good Sushi Bar From a Bad Sushi Bar

“If it looks like sushi, it is sushi” There is no doubt that the making of sushi is not just a culinary trade, but it is also regarded as an art perfected over a lifetime. Below are some memories and points that highlight various things that make good and bad sushi bars. Things like shop