Seven Surprising Ways To Use Basalmic Vinegar

For the last few years, there has been a great push by people to invest time, money, and energy in finding food products that take the general eating experience to amazing highs. One of the products that has been very popular in this push has been balsamic vinegar. The interesting thing is that balsamic vinegar

Benefits of a Wire Vegetable Rack

There are tons of excuses flying at any direction whenever healthy eating is mentioned. Some people like to come up with excuses even when their health is at risk, they can now win over their subconscious by buying a simple and cheap wire vegetable rack. Read on to understand how it’s done. The common understanding

Dinuguan: A Very Filipino Dish

Dinuguan is a dish that is originally Filipino. A true favorite by many, Dinuguan has been an existing proof that Filipinos could be masters of the kitchen and that Filipino dishes are cooked with love. Usually, Filipinos opt for personally hand picking pork blood from the local market when cooking this dish. However, some use

The Choice of the Freezer

The Chest Freezer One of the most popular home freezers appears to be the chest type which is available in several sizes. The 6 cu feet freezer holds approximately 200 pound of frozen foods if stacked correctly. The 10 cu feet size will hold approximately 350 pound. Both these sizes will suit the smaller family.

Culinary Arts and Nutrition

Imagine yourself in a room full of tempting food, jellies, chocolates, pastries, cakes, pizzas and much more mouth watering dishes. Slurp… I know by now you are too tempted to get to the market and buy yourself a nice, juicy burger, coke and an ice cream tub or are ready to order a pizza, rather

The Biggest Problems With Knives and Cutlery

Looking back, knives were first used millions of years ago as essential tools firstly made of rock and flint. It was through technology that has evolved blades made from copper, bronze, steel, ceramics and titanium along with the flint’s practicality as an effective cutting instrument. These have inspired the production of a very wide range

The History of the Slow Cooker

The slow cooker’s history is not a long one. Back in the beginning of the 1960s, the electric bean cooker was first made by the “West Bend Corporation”. This cooker was brought out as the Bean Pot. It was basically a crock pot on a tray that heated up. The Beanery was the actually the

Appreciation for Shepherd’s Pie

A shepherd herds and manages sheep, usually to raise them for eventual sale at a meat market. When used as a verb, the word shepherd means to guide something (like sheep); move them in the direction of where you want them next. For sheep, that often means from their pen to a field of grass

The Benefits of a Wok Burner

A Wok Burner is becoming a familiar site in many UK households. Although primarily it is an appliance used in the far east for cooking Asian foods. It is a bowl-shaped utensil used for stir-frying, braising, boiling, & deep-frying. They are a great combination to create some really nice recipes and food that actually is

Little Known Facts and Other Uses for Rolling Pins

Who invented them? Why were they invented? Are they only good for rolling out bread dough and cookies? I will answer these and other… very interesting things about our need for rolling pins! First, not to confuse the rolling pin with the bowling pin (or any other pin), the rolling pin is a utensil that

A Week of Low-Cost, Healthy Supper Recipes

Food preparation is a hobby for a few of us who take pleasure in playing around with dishes to bring out tasty meals that will keep family members glued to the dining table. Nonetheless, to others food preparation is a challenge that gets even more challenging when they are restricted to prepare healthy and balanced

Designing Your Kitchen for Your Budget

“How come it costs that much?” That must be one of the questions that I hear the most often when I submit price quotations for kitchen cabinetry to homeowners. Although it is true that cabinetry can be designed to be low-budget, middle-range, or high-end, there are so many factors involved that can easily push an

Advantages of Water Purification for Our Health

Water Can Make Skin Glow It would be nice to know that water can be beneficial from the inside and out. Studies reveal that drinking the right amount of water can boost the appearance of skin, making it more beautiful. Since the skin is actually an organ, water purification can help it perform better –

Top Denver Restaurants

Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs A gourmet hot dog restaurant probably isn’t what most people would expect at the top of a restaurant list, especially in a foodie city like Denver, but that just shows you haven’t been to Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs. rated this Five Points food stand as the top restaurant in Denver.

A Delectable Dish: Wine and Snivel

Wine, the fermented juice of grapes, is classified by its region of origin or by the variety of grape from which it was juiced. It may appear in variations of red, white, or blush (pale pink). Those who want wine may choose it by its appearance or even by reading a description crafted by a

Health Benefits of Turmeric or Curcumin Supplement

Did you know that the humble turmeric powder in your kitchen has miraculous medicinal properties? Unknowingly, we use the power of turmeric when we consume it as part of our diet. In Asian countries, turmeric is an important ingredient of almost all vegetables and curries. However, most of those who use it, hardly realize the

The Benefits of Plastic Cutting Boards

Food preparation in the kitchen requires specific tools to make things easier, which accounts for the popularity of plastic cutting boards. Whether you are preparing hard to cut through meat or just simply chopping down green vegetables and the like, it would do you good to use kitchen utensil to help you with your task.

My Headaches Have Gone With a Salt-Free Diet

The two deadliest things we can put into our bodies are salt and sugar. It took me years to learn of their toxic nature. The hours of suffering endured because of severe headaches over many years were avoidable if only these facts were known. One of the symptoms of high blood pressure from salt toxicity

3 Kitchen Blender Problems You Can Fix Yourself

Over time, even the best kitchen blenders will start to show damage. This is especially true if you use your blender every day to make thick smoothies. Today, in our throw-away society we’re quick to just trash a product at the first sign of a malfunction. Small appliances like blenders are usually not worth taking

Forged Kitchen Knives Vs Stamped Kitchen Knives

This article will aid you with the pivotal decision of whether you want forged blades or stamped blades for your kitchen knives. There is a lot of misinformation going around when you’re shopping for a new set of knives and it can be really confusing when all you want to do is slice or dice

The Evolution of Kitchen Home Appliances in an Age-Free Environment

The “new” retirement would wisely be referred to as “unretirement,” a decades-long, active, involved extension of life. Home will be headquarters during this exciting stage of life, and the kitchen will be command central. From untraditional housing styles to universal design, the kitchen will be the first true age-free space. Kitchen-Centric Housing Retirement age is

Choosing Kitchen Utensils For Enameled Cast Iron Cookware

When choosing kitchen implements for enameled cast iron cookware, it is important to understand the nature of the enamel that makes it different from ordinary cast iron pots and pans. Standard cast iron can be given nonstick properties and rendered easier to clean by seasoning with hot oil or grease. Baking oil into the pan

‘Kitchen’ by Banana Yoshimoto – Review

One of the many appeals of Banana Yoshimoto’s novella Kitchen is that it deals with feelings everyone can relate to. Everyone has been hungry, and images of hunger, food and meals are plentiful in the novella. Other common feelings also come up, especially sadness and loneliness. Early in the book, the reader discovers the protagonist,

Toaster Oven Safety

Many home cooks are stocking their kitchens with toaster ovens for a myriad of reasons. But some are hesitant due to what appears to be inherent safety issues. Can you safely use this convenient appliance in your kitchen or should you settle for the mediocre food prepared in a microwave oven just to avoid the