Understanding Cake Baking Language

Cake baking language like beat, cream, whip and etc sounds almost the same. Actually they are slightly different. Here are some tips to help you understand this language better, hoping that it will help you bake a perfect cake all the time. 1) To Beat – Mixing rapidly with a hand held whisk or a

Understanding the Health Benefits of Moderate Red Wine Consumption

Earlier epidemiological studies suggested that alcohol-and therefore, wine, beer and spirits, was the compound responsible for claimed health benefits though its negative effects such as alcoholism and social impacts, cognitive developmental deficiencies, fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), and increased risk of breast cancer in women are undisputed. In moderate consumption, alcohol has been shown to increase

French Bread – Understanding Your Baguette From Your Batard

In the UK we like our bread, but unfortunately we’ve become terribly accepting of mediocre, bland choices. The French have a completely different attitude to bread, and it’s well worth visiting France just for the experience of freshly baked bread. Whilst over here the variety of bread on offer has grown quite significantly of late,