Making Food Preparation Easy With Varied Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Modern kitchen technology in commercial areas is getting advanced more and more with every passing year, offering new appliances and equipment that make a kitchen work (ranging from cooking, cleaning the dishes to keeping proper food storage) lot more efficient, safe and easy. In service or hospitality industries like hotels, restaurants, industrial canteens, food courts,

Relish the Varied Tastes of Indian Sweets

Indian cuisines and spices are famous worldwide for their exotic tastes and aromas. With diverse cultures, religions and castes across the country, tastes and traditions differ largely. Different traditions give rise to different food habits and recipes. Indian sweets are no different. They can be categorized into a wide variety of types starting from mouthwatering

Rich and Varied Heritage

India is always remembered as a land of diverse cultures. The geographic position, climate and the extent of exposure to foreign cultures have totally influenced the traditions and culture of the different regions at different periods. The greatness of Indian culture has been in adopting the best from all the invaders and intermingling their customs