Vegetarianism – Is it Really a Big Deal?

I have been a vegetarian since birth if I can say and so are thousands of people who were born in Brahmin community like me. In Hinduism, we are divided into different groups originally based on profession. Brahmins were typically the educated ones and were expected to teach others and were also priests. As the

Pros and Cons Of Vegetarianism

Vegetarianism is defined as “the practice of abstaining from the consumption of meat – red meat, poultry, seafood and the flesh of any other animal”. (1) In my experience ‘going veggie’ can be a double edged sword. It can lead to massive health benefits – when its done properly. I have vegetarian meals and entire

6 Ridiculous Misconceptions About Veganism and Vegetarianism

There are lots of misconceptions that surround the vegetarian life; some good and some bad. Over the years, just like feminists, vegetarians and vegans have grown into pressure groups and now it’s no longer about healthy eating; just a dietary competition. Many people end up as part of the vegetarian crew, not because they want

How to Do Vegetarianism Well

I became a vegetarian in college for largely ethical reasons- the treatment of animals, the scarcity of land on which pastured grazing animals could live, our inability to feed the whole world with such high quality meat, as well as the health reasons- more energy, lighter energetics of food, less animal fat and saturated fat.