5 Diet Myths Exposed: Start Losing Weight the Healthy Way!

This can be the year you finally drop those excess pounds, achieve a strong, streamlined body, and give your health a huge boost with a commitment to sensible eating. But in order to reach your healthy weight and keep it there, you’ll have to sidestep a lot of diet minefields. So many nutritional myths and

How To Lose Weight During The Holidays

Holidays and special events are full of great things to eat, but those great things to eat sometimes aren’t the same things that help you lose or maintain weight. It’s that age old question for all weight conscious people. How am I going to get through this next holiday without gaining weight? Take a breath,

10 Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss and Wellness

Contrary to popular belief, snacking is actually very beneficial. It helps to refuel your body, maintain blood sugar and energy levels and control your appetite. Healthy snacking will help your body get the nutrients it needs and help you avoid overeating at meal times. Indulge in these guilt-free snacks. Remember we encourage an anti-inflammatory, low-glycemic,

2 Delicious Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Weight Loss

There is nothing worse than having to eat the same boring meals over and over again. The notion that healthy eating has to be boring to be beneficial is one of the biggest misconceptions and it really bugs me. You can enjoy delicious foods and to prove it, I’m going to give you 2 delicious

10 Ways to Naturally Tighten Skin After Weight Loss

Attaining your goal weight after strenuous exercise has a great feeling associated with it. I’ve seen a lot of people around me embark on weight loss journeys and get massive results with just a little determination and lots of effort. One question I usually get from people who have lost a large amount of weight

Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss

If you are looking for healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss, you have surely come to the right place. At this point in time, the number of people who are becoming more and more health conscious is increasing by the day. With the hype from the media as well as initiatives by the government to

Dark Meat Chicken and the High Protein Weight Loss Surgery Diet

Chicken legs and chicken thighs are often left behind by those following the weight loss surgery high protein diet who favor the leaner lighter breast meat. For years dark meat poultry has been rejected by dieters as too high in fat to play a beneficial role in a healthy weight management lifestyle. But this nutrient

Best Five Asian Food Items for Weight Reduction

Time-Tested and Confirmed Successful Asian Food Items for Weight Reduction Food items for weight reduction are plentiful in the Asian diet plan. The reason is the Asian diet plan is a great depiction of just how Asian individuals eat a good amount of veggies, fruit, seaweed, healthful fat in fish oils, fish, and teas. Additionally,

Weight Loss – Getting Committed

The Chocolate Battle You’ve made a commitment to yourself to stay on target. You’ve signed a contract with your favorite support group and dedicated yourself to a restrictive routine for three weeks and have not fallen from grace. You’re determined and believe that you are capable of achieving your goal. You remind yourself of how

What Are Low Calorie Recipes For Weight Loss At Home?

Healthy recipes for weight loss at home can be done quickly and easily. You can cook a recipe which contains the exact health benefits that you want. You should remember that the real essence of cooking a recipe is to nourish your body. Today, you can find several healthy recipes which you can use for

Lose Weight by Reducing Salt Addiction

Salt, in limited amounts, is an essential part of a healthy diet. Consumed in excess, though, it can spike your blood pressure and make you look fatter because of your body retaining more water to balance the larger amount of sodium present. Here are some tips for reducing your salt intake to slim down fast.

13 Tips To Help You Lose Weight In The New Year

Wading through weight loss information can seem to be a confusing task. There are so many ideas, plans, and programs. It can be easy to end up so overwhelmed that you lose sight of what you started out to do. In this article we will reveal some sound tips to get you going again. 1.

Important Weight Loss Foods for Proper Dieting

So what are weight loss foods? We have all heard the expression, “you are what you eat”. Whether it’s pork chops, fried chicken, potatoes, cheese cake or chocolate, your body will respond based on how you are feeding it. It’s not a bad thing to enjoy the foods you eat, but moderation is the key.

Weight Loss – What is the Real Key to Losing Weight?

When you come to the decision that it is time to lose weight and get healthier, too many people mistakenly believe that the weight should come off as fast as it takes to go through a drive-through window. The truth is, it will take a little longer than that. So, what is the real key

Three Keys to Lasting Weight Loss Surgery Success

Nearly a quarter-million people in the United States will undergo weight loss surgery this year to arrest their morbid obesity and lose weight. In spite of the drastic nature of gastric surgeries not all patients will reach a healthy weight and some may eventually regain weight they lost initially with surgery. Obesity is not a

Fool-Proof Way To Lose Weight Permanently

Is there a safe and fool-proof way to lose weight? Yes, there is. Follow the following 4-step process to lose weight. Make A Plan A plan is important when you set out to achieve something. Be it a major life goal or a minor shopping trip. Weight loss for many is a major life goal.

A Vegan Diet – The Key to a Healthy Weight

Veganism is a somewhat foreign idea to many Americans. For generations, animal products have been the stuff of Americana: families have started their mornings with scrambled eggs, discussed their days over steak, and enjoyed ice cream desserts before bedtime. At the same time though, our waistlines have ballooned and our arteries have become clogged. Veganism

High School Wrestling: Diet and Weight Loss Options

As wrestling season draws near, wrestlers begin to contemplate the weight class in which they may wrestle. Wrestlers often believe that they will be more competitive at the lowest weight they can reach without sacrificing their strength and endurance. This isn’t always the case. Too often, wrestlers end up dehydrated. They end up starving themselves

Five Healthy Foods to Improve Nutrition After Weight Loss Surgery

Patients who lose weight with bariatric surgery generally set their sights on living a healthier life using weight loss surgery as a tool for weight loss and healthy weight management. Many patients are concerned they may suffer nutritional deficiencies as a result of the malabsorptive surgery such as gastric bypass because the surgery restricts the

A Weight Loss Surgery Journal Marks Progress and Healing

We have heard it all our dieting life: “keep a food journal, it will keep you accountable for what you eat.” That advice always failed me, the best I could ever keep a food journal was through breakfast, I did not want to leave written evidence of my eating behavior. But there is one time

Healthy High-Calorie Foods For Weight Gain

No doubt, gaining weight is as hard as losing. Having a good body and a healthy weight is important to live a long and healthy life. And if you are one of those skinny people who is struggling to increase some extra pound, so, this article is for you. Here we share a list of

Healthy Food Ideas For Weight Loss

More people need to pay attention to the foods they eat. Mainly because the foods we eat are one of the main reasons why a large percentage of the population in most western countries are becoming overweight. Unfortunately many people neglect the fact that they may be overweight and continue with bad food habits until

Gain Weight by Eating Healthy Food

Being underweight is as destructive as being overweight. Being too skinny may directly affect your work and personality. It can also lead to health issues in the long run. Several medical conditions such as thyroid problems can be responsible for a person being skinny. While some people can be naturally skinny and healthy, it is

How to Preform Self-Hypnosis to Lose Weight

Today obesity is at the highest levels it has ever been in the United States. The land of the free is the first nation in history to have problems not because of too little food, but actually having to much food. The mass availability of food in places such as fast food restaurants, mega-grocery stores,

Are Cottage Cheese and Pineapple Good for Weight Loss?

Dieting is a very important part of a weight loss program. Many people usually gain weight because of the kind of food they eat. When they eat foods that are high in calories and sugars, and those which interfere with digestion it makes it difficult to maintain a healthy weight. Many people are healthy and

Easy Ways to Lose Weight – The BMW Method

Thousands of articles are written on how to lose weight? How to get slim? Or best diet plan to reduce fat so on and so forth, you may think this is another one of those. May be it is but only different is seeing the whole process from a different perspective. I will name this

Delicious Soup Diets for Weight Loss

Many people fail to achieve their weight loss goals because they see weight loss as a tedious boring process that forces them to eat bland food. For weight loss to be effective you need to be creative about your diet, and finding delicious soup diets for weight loss is a way to do this. The

Weight Loss With the Nigerian Diet

You might have noticed that here in Nigeria it is quite difficult to get the right type of food to incorporate in our diets since our foods are not really found on the web. Which foods to eat to help us lose weight and burn fat, and which foods to avoid. Generally we would try

Slider Foods Spell Weight Regain For Weight Loss Surgery Patients

For most people eating sliders is a good thing. Popularized by the American food chain, White Castle, a slider (originally slyder) is a miniature grilled hamburger or cheeseburger on a steamed bun often served with onions and dill pickle and other condiments. They originally sold for a nickel a piece in the 1940s making it

How Many Calories Can I Have And Still Lose Weight?

To figure out how many calories you should have, first start with where you are. In other words, figure out how many calories it takes to maintain your present size and then reduce from there. You can go about this in many ways. Most people simply choose an arbitrary number like 1200 calories and that’s

Comparing Apples to Apples – Hydrated Weight Vs Dehydrated Weight – Home-Dried Vs Store-Bought

In the interest of scientific research into what happens with apples when they are dehydrated, I conducted an experiment. Actually, it was sheer curiosity that prompted the study–the apples needed drying anyway. To proceed: 4 apples were cored and weighed before dehydration. Weights ranged from 7 ounces to 7.5 ounces. The apple slices were soaked

Weight Loss – 5 Tips For Success (For Men Only)

Weight loss: what works for women doesn’t necessarily work for men. Compared to women, men rarely seek professional advice when it comes to weight loss. And if they do, they certainly aren’t going to be bothered with the food pyramid or counting calories. What works for men and what doesn’t? New research from the Self-Help,

How To Lose Weight At Home: 7 Tips You Should Know About!

Are you trying to reach you weight loss goals? Did you know you could make small changes to your diet and still lose weight? Let me show you how to lose weight at home. The following 7 steps will help you towards your goals: 1. Breakfast Don’t skip your breakfast. Skipping your breakfast could cause

Eggs and Weight Loss

One of the most nutritious foods you can eat are eggs. They contain large amounts of healthy fats, protein and important vitamins. They are also low in calories, each having about 78 calories. The egg is high in nutrients, especially the yolks. A three egg meal contains about 234 calories and with a generous portion

Top 5 Foods for Quick Weight Loss

Gaining weight has become common. Nowadays people are getting overweight as they are indulging more in high calorie food rather than eating healthy food. The experts have never suggested starving as a solution. People who want to lose weight should focus on healthy weight loss to avoid further health issues. “How to lose weight quickly”

Lose Weight With 2 Foods That Cost Only 88 Cents

If you’re clueless when it comes to your diet, I’m going to give you 2 cheap foods that will almost guarantee you’ll lose weight… if you eat them everyday. So if you can afford a whopping 88 cents a day and you have an open mind, I’ll have you dropping pounds within 4 days. These

Can Acid Reflux Cause Weight Gain?

I wouldn’t necessarily say that acid reflux causes weight gain, but I would say that there are foods that most people eat every day for years that cause both acid reflux and weight gain. So it might seem like the acid reflux is causing the weight gain, but in reality, eating the wrong foods and

The Only Reason We Are Over Weight Is Because We Overeat

If you have been following me for a while you would know that I always describe “Natural Eating” as being not about what you eat but how you eat. Today I wanted to discuss why we eat and why so many people are overweight. In my opinion the only reason we are overweight is because

How to Lose Weight With a Foreman Grill

If President Obama made me his food czar, I would require everyone in the country to purchase a George Foreman grill. Besides making ole George Foreman a billionaire, it would trim inches from your waist and make you the envy of every Weight Watchers client. This fat zapping machine cooks up just about any hunk

We’re Wired to Maintain a Healthy Weight

Suppose you had a “fat meter” that would send a loud “STOP!” message to your brain once you’d accumulated enough fat. Suddenly, you’d have no desire for pizza, ice cream, or potato chips. You’d look at these favorite foods, even smell their enticing odors, and wouldn’t even be tempted. Or maybe you would decide to

The 3 Things I Did To Help Me Lose Weight

Have you been looking for help losing weight? Then pull up a chair and buckle down, because this is what you’ve been looking for. In this article, I’m going to show you three methods I did to help me lose weight quickly and easily. First, I took pictures of myself for before and after comparisons.

5 Keys to Speeding Up Your Metabolism to Lose Weight While Eating Healthy Good Nutrition

Daily Quote: “Exercise helps you lose and control weight in two ways. First, by elevating your metabolism you burn more calories. Second, by building muscle – which requires more energy to maintain – you use even more calories. Exercising promotes better elimination and circulation that helps body cleansing!” – Paul Bragg “Breathing deeply, fully and

If Broccoli Is So Good for Me, Why Does It Make Me Sick After Weight Loss Surgery?

People in pursuit of healthy weight management know to stick close to the veggie tray at parties and buffets. After all, vegetables are good healthy food full of beneficial vitamins, nutrients and fiber. But some vegetables, particularly cruciferous vegetables like the ubiquitous broccoli and cauliflower, can cause severe gastric upset when eaten raw by patients

How to Fight Overweight And Help Teens Lose Weight

Fighting overweight in teenagers can sometimes be difficult. Usually, children in their teens especially between the ages of 16-19 have some measure of liberty from their parents, and so can go to anywhere they feel like with friends and other acquaintances. Most times they like to visit fast food restaurants when they are hungry and

Obesity & Weight Management is a Social Issue

Much has been written about obesity and globesity. Obesity is perhaps the biggest drain on any nations economic resources with a mind-boggling costs to which researchers are yet to put a final figure. But the estimates run into trillions of dollars across the world. Governments across the world is mired in deep bureaucratic mechanisms to

Stevia Weight Loss – Burn Fat With This Natural Sweetener

Stevia weight loss, and burning fat with this natural sweetener, are two topics I love discussing with my weight loss clients. It’s a secret weapon that Asian women have used for decades to enjoy sweets and great desserts while still losing weight fast. Let’s find out how you can benefit from this ancient leaf and

How Thai Food Can Help You Lose Weight

Thai food is rich in salad and raw vegetables. A salad is the ideal foodstuff in a diet. Even so, dieters sometimes make the blunder of smothering it in salad dressing. The practical course of action could be to always have the salad dressing on the side. You can easily dip the tip of your

A Few Healthy Lunch Ideas for Losing Weight

For those looking to lose weight, you know it can be a challenging process. Some struggle to get the process started while others struggle to keep up the hard work. They may reach a peak in which they aren’t losing any more weight and aren’t sure how to increase their progress. Others simply don’t know

What Are Hydrophilic Foods And How Do They Help You Lose Weight?

If you’re interested in weight loss, and hunger is your main enemy, you should take a look at hydrophilic foods. Hydrophilic means “Water-Loving”. Food that loves water? Sort of. It refers to the ability of natural substances inside the foods that soak up water, or cling to water. The two main types are “Pectins” and