10 Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss and Wellness

Contrary to popular belief, snacking is actually very beneficial. It helps to refuel your body, maintain blood sugar and energy levels and control your appetite. Healthy snacking will help your body get the nutrients it needs and help you avoid overeating at meal times. Indulge in these guilt-free snacks. Remember we encourage an anti-inflammatory, low-glycemic,

Corporate Wellness Programs: The Importance Of Healthy Eating

Employees spend almost one third of their day working at the company. This means that many of them could be eating two major meals of the day (breakfast and lunch) at the company. At work, employees are working under stress and also feel some exhaustion from time to time, both physically and mentally. Studies show


WebMD produces a daily E-newsletter called Inside WebMD. Targeted to laypersons, it’s free and informative with tips that help readers recognize, understand and deal with common medical issues. However, the December 18 edition contained a piece about lifestyle that illuminates a common problem when doctor organizations promote healthy behaviors. Doing so, of course, is a

3 Reasons To Join A Health and Wellness MLM Company

Let’s face it. There are a lot of MLM or Network Marketing companies out there, and if you are someone wanting to get into the home based business industry, choosing the right company can be daunting. It’s well known that in the Network Marketing profession, you need to be passionate about your product. If you

Well Known for Addiction Relief, The Hitt Wellness Center in Tijuana

“The future of medicine will be boosting the body’s own healing powers. We are already there.” Jane Hitt The clinic is the outgrowth of a World Health Organization grant given to its founder, the late researcher Dr. William Hitt and renowned Mexican Psychiatrist Dr. Velazquez Suarez. The grant allowed Dr. Hitt to continue his pioneering