Wood Fired Pizza Restaurants Near Arab Street

If you are looking for some Italian fun on the streets of Singapore on your next vacation then it is time to hit Arab Street. Here, you may find eating options galore for a delightful indulgence every time you come for a meal. There are many wood fired pizza restaurants lining up Arab Street for

Best Italian Wood Pizza

Do you know what makes the best Italian pizza? It’s actually the fire wood. If you realized, many foods that is being cooked with fire wood, the taste will definitely never go wrong. So, where will you go for when you would like to have a perfect Italian’s pizza? Do you have any favorite Italian

Heating With Wood For Less

How will you heat your home when the power goes out? Do you have access to cheap or free firewood? Have you considered installing a wood stove and don’t have much money? First of all, what does it take to heat with wood? Well, to start with you need a good certified wood stove. Why

Mango Wood Handicrafts – An Ecological Choice

Illegal logging especially of tropical woods rightly has received negative press in recent years. However, there are examples for the ecologically sustainable use of timber in home decoration. One remarkable example is the use of wood of the mango tree, especially for handcrafted gifts and collectibles from the Kingdom of Thailand. While Thailand is not