The Organic-Conventional Food Debate

You can never get too healthy. Getting and keeping good health is more important than your bank accounts being full. Keeping your health in tune and properly functioning is a good place to invest your resources. Good insurance will allow you access to good doctors that will help in your quest for good health. A couple of really good ways that are inexpensive and can be done anywhere to help improve and maintain good health is a good regular exercise regiment and eating the right kinds of foods. We have an abundance of food choices set before us every time we shop for food, so lets examine the organic versus conventionally grown produce.

Before we begin this journey, we first need to understand the meaning of “organic”. A simple definition would be the process in which the food is actually grown or produced. We now know that organic farming is better for the soil as well as uses less water if it is done correctly, plus there is less pollution due to no chemicals being used such as weed killers or man made fertilizers. The crops are part of a rotation process and any livestock are allowed to mature and fatten naturally without the use of chemicals or antibiotics. They are allowed better more natural diets and cleaner living quarters.

There is still fierce debates regarding the nutritional benefits of organically grown food compared to the conventionally produced foods. Nutritional benefits are a very important issue that needs more study, but is not the main reason pushing towards organic foods. The organic way of producing food is more environmentally safer and better for the whole planet. Organic farming will actually benefit the environment. It will help control the nutrient depletion, soil damage and cut down on the harmful pollutants that is dumped in the soil and water. These measures are necessary to ensure a healthy planet for future generations.

Pesticides are deadly. That is exactly the reason they have been designed, to kill insects and control molds or diseases. It is hard if not impossible to get rid of all the residue left on produce from these chemicals. Generally the amount of residue that is left will fit within what the government deems safe. For many it is important that they have less of these contaminants on their food because they believe they are harmful. Organic food does have much less and that is a big plus.

Government food regulations allow for certain amounts of food additives to be added to the conventional food we eat and consider these additives to be acceptable and safe to use, but are considered by most people to be the real dangers concerning the food we eat. This also includes the antibiotics used in animal farming. With all these added health risks, especially for the children, it is just safer, although a bit more expensive to use as much organic products as possible.

Source by Ethan Kalvin