Weight Loss – What is the Real Key to Losing Weight?

When you come to the decision that it is time to lose weight and get healthier, too many people mistakenly believe that the weight should come off as fast as it takes to go through a drive-through window. The truth is, it will take a little longer than that. So, what is the real key to losing weight?

Many people will answer this question with something along the lines of eating less food every day. Perhaps skip a meal and you will lose weight. If that actually worked we would all be able to shed some extra pounds. Unfortunately, your body will compensate for the lack of food. It has a built-in feature that stores more fat during these times and slows down your metabolism.

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Starting a new diet plan every month will not help either. Sure, you may lose a few pounds here and there, but it will not be permanent. We’ve all heard about those low calorie diets and how the fat just melts away. Again, if that were true, why do we have more overweight people today than at any time in our history?

The true key to losing weight and keeping it off is by following a healthy diet program and getting regular exercise. I know that is not what you want to hear, but trying all the different fad diet plans that come along every month isn’t going to it. And without some exercise on a regular basis you are just spinning your wheels. The problem is that far too many of us are sitting down all day instead of being up and moving around.

Exercise helps to increase your metabolism, which in turns helps your body burn fat and drop the pounds. It is the long term solution to permanent weight loss. So find a good diet plan and add in some physical activity. You will be pleased with the results.

Source by Peggy Edwards