Welcome to the World of Italian Desserts

We’re going to tour the sensational and tantalizing world of Italian Desserts. We’ll tread softly through acres of light and crispy Pizzelles, hopscotch down sidewalks of biscotti and streets lined with cannoli. Under skies dotted with clouds of gelato, feeling the breezes of chocolate, anisette, and almond blowing through our hair, let’s stroll through quiet, quaint streets lined with hedges of tiramisu and view lawns dotted with clumps of Farfellete (bow ties) and Italian Love Knot cookies.

Have you ever wondered how and why some of the cultural foods emerged over the years?

We’ll explore some of the folklore and the history behind Italian Desserts and compare foods which originated in Northern Italy with foods from Southern Italy and learn the reasons they differ. We’ll discover how fresh fruits, chocolate and cheeses can be combined to create desserts that will delight your taste buds. We will discover that there really is a “healthy ice cream” when we dive into mounds of gelato and sorbets. We’ll even discover how adding alcohol enhances the flavors of your dessert creation! There will be tips for using left over breads to make bread puddings, enhancing them with Italian Liquor like Limoncello, to make luscious desserts.

Try some of the recipes along the way.

Experiment with them, adding or changing ingredients as you desire – maybe even create something new and exciting of your own! Surprise your family with new and interesting desserts that both taste awesome and are exciting to behold! Watch the kids marvel as you put their favorite fruits, puddings or ice creams into “Pizzelle bowls” that they can eat when the filling is gone. Hey…no dishes to wash….you gotta love that, Mom!

So come on along; join me in this adventure in dessert cuisine and history. It is a trip you will not soon forget!

Source by Vicki Fassler