Wine Cooler Brands – What You Should Know Before You Buy

Are you a connoisseur of wine or just the occasional wine drinker who likes to impress his friends? One way to do this depends on the wine cooler brand you choose to display and chill your wine. Knowing the features you would prefer in a cooler will go a long way in aiding you make a choice in a brand that you will enjoy for a long time. Below is a brief description of some of the more popular brands of wine coolers available on the market today.


Avanti produces a variety of storage units for wine including specialty racks and cellars with special emphasis on multipurpose refrigerated wine units. In spite of their unique style and design, the Avanti wine coolers are still within most family budgets and generally have a black design trimmed with stainless steel. Being able to double up as a refrigerator in your bar at home or as a wine aging center means these coolers can be put both to short-term use as well as long-term use. The glass doors which allow easy viewing of the bottles as well as the digital thermostat are a nice addition to the Avanti wine cooler line.


Francis Ravel the designer and fabricator of Vinotemp started off by making and selling wine and subsequently branched off and conceived these wine coolers over 20 years ago. This superior brand of refrigerators are still holding their own today. He got the idea of putting into a wine box a cooling unit to keep the wine at its optimum temperature. When he started producing the wine chillers himself he made customer satisfaction his goal by using only high quality material. Through his ingenuity, the Wine Mate was born.


Stand alone fridge units of all dimensions are the specialty of Danby. Superbly built with a variety of features makes the Danby Summit the most highly demanded of this brand. The airing system available in most of its models allows these Danby units to be placed in counter spaces with no provision for clearance. Moderate prices, stainless steel doors, shelves made of wood and digital thermostats are strong selling points of these units.


Polished and constructed with high quality materials, the entire line of Haier products meets the requirements of even the most discerning customer. In order to gain access to all the bottles at any time, the Haier brand has slide-out storage systems. Furthermore, you have the option of choosing between mechanical or electronic cooling systems. Customers with a higher budget can indulge in the more expensive models that enable one to keep different bottles at different temperatures within the same unit.


Over 70 years of experience producing units of superior design and style and an unmatched range of selection for the discerning customer has enabled Marvel to improve the lifestyle of its customers. Under the umbrella of the well known and respected Aga Food Service Group which is recognized for producing extravagant products for its customers with unlimited budgets, Marvel has thrived exceptionally well in this domain. Marvel remains ahead of the competition in the wine cooler industry with its determination to maintain quality and a diverse choice of designs geared for lavish performance.


Summit wine refrigerators are perfect for use in the home because they are fabricated as stand-alone or can be accommodated beneath a counter or bar. Summit offers a choice of units with stainless steel doors which blend with the décor of your kitchen or units with glass doors which present a nice exhibit. They are available in a broad range of dimensions. Extra features on these units include digital thermostats and light bulbs that enable one to view the interior. For the occasional drinker or the party animal this moderately priced wine cooling unit can fit into any budget.

Source by Jayson Maxwell

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